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Featuring preliminary loan approval in just 30 minutes and an express withdrawal, our mortgage services are designed for convenience and executed to suit our clients’ needs for emergency cash flow. Our mortgage products are tailored to provide financing for business turnover and expansion, investment, start-ups, credit card repayments, children's overseas education, relocation and renovation needs.
Customer Case Studies
Third mortgage loan assists business expansion
Mr. Chan owns an engineering company and is approached with an underground pipework contract. Lacking the funds for this project, he needs to refinance his property for cash. However, his property is already under a second mortgage and his requests to increase the loan amount are rejected by many lenders. With a third mortgage from Wings Finance, Mr. Chan is able to obtain the funds needed for the project and subsequent expansion of his business.

Peace of mind during temporary unemployment
Mr. Lam is a real estate broker who recently became unemployed due to the slow property market. He is struggling to make ends meet and under immense pressure with his home mortgage repayments. By successfully applying for a second mortgage from Wings Finance, Mr. Lam is able to obtain the temporary relief he so desperately needs to plan for the future.

Simple application procedures and no proof of income required for self-employed persons
Mr. Lee owns a clothing retailer and his application for a bank loan is rejected as he is unable to provide any independent proof of his income. Fortunately, he is able to apply for a mortgage with Wings Finance and approval is granted swiftly on the strength of his property.
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