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1. What is a Third Mortgage?
Even if a property has already been mortgaged for a second time with another bank or financial institution, Wings Finance will consider an application for a third mortgage without the need for refinancing or submission of the title deeds. The application can be completed and cash granted as fast as 24 hours.
2. Can self-employed persons or those without proof of income apply for a mortgage?
Yes. In certain circumstances, Wings Finance may waive the requirement for an applicant’s proof of income.
3. If the property is jointly owned, is the agreement and consent of all owners required for the application for a mortgage?
No. The application for the mortgage loan does not require the consent of all owners. A joint property owner may apply for a mortgage or sever the joint tenancy to obtain a mortgage at a preferential rate.
4. If the property is owned by a company, can it still be used to obtain a mortgage?
Yes. A mortgage can still be obtained if all the company’s shareholders agree to act as guarantors or co-lenders.
5. Are mortgage loan procedures handled by a lawyer?
Yes. Wings Finance works with reputable solicitors to ensure that mortgagees receive high-quality and reliable mortgage services.
6. Will there be any costs incurred in the mortgage application?
Depending on the circumstances, Wings Finance can waive all legal fees, valuation fees and handling charges.
7. How soon can I obtain cash after my mortgage is approved?
Withdrawal can be made within 24 hours after approval.
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